Friday, August 17, 2018

One more time...

I made a stupid, bone headed move shortly after the last entry in this saga:  I was cleaning up and, rather than make multiple trips, carrying stuff from the garage to my basement workshop, tried to take it all at once.  So, I had my arms pretty well full, and grabbed the newly finished, nearly perfect cabinet by one of the grill bars (removed in the above photo) and it broke off.  Of course, it couldn't have broken off cleanly at a glue joint.  No - the glue bond holding that bar to the veneer was stronger than the veneer was bonded to its substrate, so about a three inch section of veneer peeled away and remained attached to the bar.  Crap!

I made a couple of failed attempts at "spot repair" before stripping it down to what you see above.  The good news is that the veneer patch turned out great - probably the best I've ever done.  The bad news is that I'm back to ground zero and into the second week of a project that should've taken just a couple days.  Oh well.

Haste makes waste.  The good news is that, this time, my lazieness only cost me some time; the damage is repairable and it's not a total loss.  The bad news is that, once this project is a memory, I'll probably make the same mistake again.  That's how I roll.

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